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Tri-Lab High-Performance Computing Support
User Services and Documentation

Welcome to the public version of the Los Alamos National Laboratory hpc.lanl.gov (High Performance Computing) webpage.

This is a static page in the open network, and some of the links from this site will require a LANL CryptoCard for access. For more dynamic, current information please see this site in the Yellow (ie. Unclassified Protected) Network. Also, see links to Change Control Calendar and to the ASC Training site at LANL. You may need to use the LANL ssl-portal to reach these pages.

Use these Instructions to access the following links:

HPC User Resources Website
How to access the Unclassified Protected (ie. UPN, Yellow) Network user-level reference information for all LANL HPC platforms. Also has links to HPC training and other topics related to HPC at LANL.

Secure ASC Platform Access
User Access Policies, information on Red (Secure Restricted, Classified) Network access between LANL and the other Labs and also for transferring files. Also, be sure to review the LLNL access page, and the SNL access page.

ICN Consulting Office
User Services and Documentation Who to contact for help with LANL HPC Clusters and HPSS.

Getting an Account
Here are instructions for obtaining an account on one of the LANL High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters.

Accessing the LANL Turquoise Network Clusters
Instructions on how to reach the LANL Turquoise Network HPC clusters from the outside world. These include instructions for reaching Cielito.

 Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Last modified: August 19, 2010